Swavor strikes again!

 So team swavor has done it again! I got a great inside story about their new shirts and the new designs. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, swavor has released an other type of logo with a white and red color way.  No news on either these are on sale or not..fingers crossed people the hype is out of control!


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Nike Toki Grey/Blue sapphire

Check out what the people at nike just came up with, a simple color with clean quiet blue with a nice color scheme. Availble now at 21 Mercer street.

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Ralph Lauren: Rugby spring

Ralph Lauren’s new  spring collections look extremely promising. The placement and the collections shows a lot of quality, to be straight forward you got to love it!

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SWAVOR™ Clothing

So I just found out about an upcoming clothing line called swavor™. With 2 color way t-shirts as their first release and a lot more coming on the way, swavor™ is turning some major heads.With limited numbers running swavor™ clothing is sure to make a huge buzz in the industry.I even got an exclusive look at their website that hasn’t even been released yet! Make  sure to support them and join their Facebook group to stay  posted on their next release.


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Check out these new bape+ambush products. The necklaces are a collab between bape and ambush(limited eddition) going for $300 a peice.Now availble at there online store

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The Hundreds stained zip up

I was doing my casual research and getting up to date, when i came across one of the hundreds spring collection peice. The design was so well created with there  classical logo, i felt a need to make it a post.Available at the hundreds online store now.

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Kid Robot 2010

Kid Robot recently released its 2010 collection at its online store and flagship locations.Instead of putting pictures of the hole collection i chose to put up a few peices. These hand picked peices are what i felt was its best from the 2010 collection and what stood out the most.

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