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The Ghostbusters sneakers

As I was looking  through the JGoods website, I noticed these amazing kicks. From the pattern and color way straight to the name these are  a very nice pair of kicks. In case you didn’t bother to look through their website,  I decided to  bring to you one of the coolest looking pairs they have. Not only is it in a shoebox, it also includes a Ghostbusters logo designed t-shirt to match the kicks.These are not as expensive as the previous post; they go for $725  on their website. You might just have the ultimate bragging rights by copping these. -Chris B.





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Spotlight: JGoods Custom Sneakers

Have you ever heard of  the JGoods team? If not you’re in for a surprise. I have seen a lot of people try to customize shoes in my days, but this tops it off . The shoes you see below me are customized by them and strictly sold by them. They have been in the business for 5 years so you can trust  that they know exactly what the hell they’re doing. Not only do they sell their custom version,  they will even  sell you the equipment they used to make them. Crazy shit right? Once you go to their website they have an available package that seems to tell you step by step how to make your own. I know what you’re thinking; yeah that’s cool but how much are those kicks worth? Well they go for about..twelve hundred dollars.-Chris B.tokyo4tokyo6tokyo2

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Spotlight: Skwak Sneakers and Shirts.

So as usual I get word from a source about this new clothing and art company. This time we have discovered skwak. I decided to check  them out and to my surprise it turns out to be a interesting way of creating sneakers. Instead of color ways and shapes, its figures and art on your sneakers! Because of its creativity I decided to put it on the spotlight of the day. Check out the whole collection on their website.  More news after the Jump!-Chris B.


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New Nike ID Choices

Heads up all: Nike ID has released a new sneaker and new materials for customizing your shoes.

One of my favorite basketball shoes, the Sharkley, is now available to customize with what seems to be Nike’s largest selection of materials and colors yet.  To customize your own Sharkleys at Nike ID, click here.  Note that they will run you $108 plus shipping fees and tax.

Nike Zoom Sharkley.  Customize your own pair at Nike ID (click picture to go to ID home)

Nike Zoom Sharkley. Photo credit: theshoegame.com. Customize your own pair at Nike ID! (click picture to go to ID home)

Nike ID has also updated the materials and colors available for customizing your own pair of premium dunks or air max 90’s.  Note that these are NOT the dunks and AM90’s you normally see on Nike ID; these are available only on a certain part of the website and only if you know where to look.  New color choices include infrared-like patent leather, premium polished dress leather, luxe suede, and brown dress leather.  They also included the option to laser-etch designs onto the toebox and the ankle strap at no extra charge.  Premium Dunk ID’s are more or less Nike SB dunks because they include the zoom air insole and have premium materials.  The only difference between the two is that the tongue of the Dunk ID premium is not as puffy as the tongue of the Dunk SB.

To customize your own pair of premium dunk hi’s, click here.  These will run you $135 plus shipping and tax.  To customize your own pair of premium dunk lo’s, click here.  These will run you $130 plus shipping and tax.  To customize your own pair of premium AM90’s, click here.  These will run you $150 plus shipping and tax.

–Adam C.

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DR. Romanelli & Nike did it again!

These jackets were recently released not long ago, and are truly hard to find. They feature crazy colors and shapes and put together different;  but impressive pieces.  Sadly I have not yet found a definite location where they can be purchased.–Chris BDr-Romanelli-X-Shelter-X-Nike-5Dr-Romanelli-X-Shelter-X-Nike-4

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The Wolverine Sneakers

The colorway on this particular pair of  sneaker stays true to the  colors of  X-men’s original hero “Wolverine”.  They’re considered to be slightly rare and  limited edition.  If you ask me it would be a challenge to match these and pull it off, but you got to admit they are original. The sneakers are available for purchase here. -Chris B.nike-big-high-retro-lifestyle-shoes370428701-170508091nike-big-hi-marvel-x-men-wolverine-08

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Classics: Nike Dunk High Black/White

Nobody should be without a pair of Dunk Hi’s in the black and white colorway. Simply put, they go with everything, they’re timeless, and they look nice.  Think of them as an investment.  Sadly, they’re pretty expensive, because despite the fact they are the most basic colorway of all, they’re only available through Nike ID ($125).  A year or two ago they released them in a vintage colorway, with the sidewall and some of the fabric stained to look old.  They are less expensive than the ID’s at around $100, but I’m also not too keen on paying a lot of money for shoes that look like they came out of a thrift store. Regardless, these are a must-have pair of sneakers.

Classic...I'm everywhere you never been, and better than I ever been

Classic...I'm everywhere you never been, and better than I ever been

–Adam C.

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