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Subcarism Tokyo

So i just got news from my japan peepz about this past event called “Subcarism Tokyo”. It includes different pieces from various very very talented artists. I was able to find a couple that were presented at the show, and i have to tell you they are amazing. Tokyo never fails to impress us check it out for yourself. -Chris B.







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Myplasticheartnyc: New Moon

So my sources just picked up a new upcoming event by my plastic heart in NYC called “New Moon.” Its an interpretation of the Chinese zodiac and its arts. I heard this one is going to be fairly crowded but its definitely worth the trip. All the info you need should be on the flyer on the bottom and more info can be obtained here.


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The Dunk X Change tour has come to DC!

photoshopThe dunkxchange is based on a sneaker fanatic gathering passing through Washington, DC for the first time.  Special guest include different DJ’s from the area and Dro pesci. Click here for more information on location.  See you there!

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