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The Ghostbusters sneakers

As I was looking  through the JGoods website, I noticed these amazing kicks. From the pattern and color way straight to the name these are  a very nice pair of kicks. In case you didn’t bother to look through their website,  I decided to  bring to you one of the coolest looking pairs they have. Not only is it in a shoebox, it also includes a Ghostbusters logo designed t-shirt to match the kicks.These are not as expensive as the previous post; they go for $725  on their website. You might just have the ultimate bragging rights by copping these. -Chris B.





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Spotlight: JGoods Custom Sneakers

Have you ever heard of  the JGoods team? If not you’re in for a surprise. I have seen a lot of people try to customize shoes in my days, but this tops it off . The shoes you see below me are customized by them and strictly sold by them. They have been in the business for 5 years so you can trust  that they know exactly what the hell they’re doing. Not only do they sell their custom version,  they will even  sell you the equipment they used to make them. Crazy shit right? Once you go to their website they have an available package that seems to tell you step by step how to make your own. I know what you’re thinking; yeah that’s cool but how much are those kicks worth? Well they go for about..twelve hundred dollars.-Chris B.tokyo4tokyo6tokyo2

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Spotlight: Skwak Sneakers and Shirts.

So as usual I get word from a source about this new clothing and art company. This time we have discovered skwak. I decided to check  them out and to my surprise it turns out to be a interesting way of creating sneakers. Instead of color ways and shapes, its figures and art on your sneakers! Because of its creativity I decided to put it on the spotlight of the day. Check out the whole collection on their website.  More news after the Jump!-Chris B.


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