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Master mind Japan X Bamford Watch Department

So this is some news  that has the internet going crazy. Master mind Japan and Bamford have teamed up and created a very exclusive watch. It couldn’t get any better right? Well guess what:  it’s made on a black rolex. Sadly this is the only picture availbe for now. More news after the Jump!



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Air Sabaku Mid Shinsengumi

It’s time for another edition of Crack!



As I was adding links to the blog, I came across this particularly interesting pair of Nikes.  A far cry from the models we typically see in the US, these Japanese sneakers look like the result of a Nike designer strung out shrooms while painting a Vans chukka blindfolded.  I don’t think I’d ever wear them, but to each his (or her) own.

What do you think?

Nike Air Sabaku Mid Shinsengumi, $249.  Available at Waraku.

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