Dope Feast is the web’s premier source for news, advice, ideas, etc. for savvy and fashionable people everywhere.  Dope Feast is the brainchild of Chris B. and Adam C., two bloggers interested in streetwear, sneakers, and the culture that defines them.  Together, they scour the web and the world to update readers on  the latest in music, clothing, news, and other relevant information.

Both authors bring special talents to the virtual table.  Chris B. is head of artistic design for the blog, and all banners  and special pictures are 100% original works.  Adam C. is the lead editor for Dope Feast.  Both individuals contribute material to the blog in a collective effort to keep readers informed of the latest and greatest in urban fashion and culture.

Additionally, Chris B. is the owner of and lead designer for the exclusive Corner & Yards clothing line, an extremely limited and highly sought-after line of t-shirts and apparel that graces the closets of the fashionable and celebrities alike. Even the rapper Drake — music’s famed new Fresh Prince — keeps C&Y in his wardrobe.

Keep it locked on Dope Feast for the best knowledge on the net.

Dope Feast does not claim rights to any pictures, videos, songs or any other media posted on the website except art work used for banners.


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