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Bunny sees Boobs

blog35So Mindstyle just released a very interesting toy that might turn heads  just by the title.  The most interesting part is that the toy is an actual bunny looking at a pair of breasts.  Only 200 made world wide this is a definite collector’s edition so check it out. -Chris B.


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God Father X Mindstyle

So big news every blog on this universe is buzzing about it, the god father and mindstyle have finally released the finale sculpture.They also said that there will be a limited OG version  availble in select retailers.This is going to be a real challenge to find!-Chris B.


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Disney X Mindstyle Exhibition, inc. Toys

Believe it or not but this is fairly big news. Disney is having a big exhibition called “Stitch Experiment 626 project”. It features the Stitch character from Lilo & Stitch  in different colors and shapes. Created by the Mindstyle family you know this is going to be a crazy one.  Pictures are rare to find on this event but I was lucky enough to find a decent shot!-Chris B.


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Mindstyle store opening in China

I just got word from a source that Mindstyle has decided to open a new store in China.  You can see the special edition of Ron English’s super-sized delux piece hanging around.  This is going to make some buzz in the area, and the next time I come around I will be visiting!-Chris B.blog25


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