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eS Hi-Lo

I’ve always been a huge fan of eS for their stylish sneakers and great prices.  They have some great designs available that can be surprisingly difficult to find.

A new model they have released is the Hi-Lo, which, to my knowledge, is a first in retail sneakers.  It’s a convertable sneaker — it can be either a high-top or a low-top.  Basically, it’s a low-top shoe by design, but you can make it into a high-top by attaching a puffed collar using the built-in clasps on the collar of the base sneaker.

They’re also pretty attractive.  They feature a vulcanized sole for durability and a clip-strap around the collar, which looks to be influenced by the Nike Vandal. They come in a variety of colorways and materials, and are priced at around $70, depending on the retailer.

eS Hi-Lo Brown/Blue Colorway, Fall '09 collection.

eS Hi-Lo Brown/Blue Colorway, Fall '09 collection.


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