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Subcarism Tokyo

So i just got news from my japan peepz about this past event called “Subcarism Tokyo”. It includes different pieces from various very very talented artists. I was able to find a couple that were presented at the show, and i have to tell you they are amazing. Tokyo never fails to impress us check it out for yourself. -Chris B.







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God Father X Mindstyle

So big news every blog on this universe is buzzing about it, the god father and mindstyle have finally released the finale sculpture.They also said that there will be a limited OG version  availble in select retailers.This is going to be a real challenge to find!-Chris B.


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Ron English Delux

Ron English is a well known artist in the industry; his art work is unique and very sought after. Straight from the Super Size Me movie poster, Ron and Mindstyle have collaborated to bring this piece called “Ron English’s Deluxe McSupersized”. Only 30 made and going for the price of 2000 dollars each, this is definitely a collectors edition.  -Chris B.


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