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Kidrobot summer

I just got word from the peepz at Kid Robot that some brand new stuff just got released.  Their new collection of t-shirts for Summer looks really colorful and mature.  The one that caught my eye the most was the Sgt. Robot T-shirt inspired by the rare toy they had released. The other one was the labit pride new york t-shirt and toys. Another different point of view is  the Pure Trance toys created by Junko Mizuno, a collection of demented figurines..awesome.  Available  on their website.-Chris B.






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Munk One X Night of the living dead

Jose Mercado aka Munk One, is a talented artist that lives  in LA and creates all types of different art. He even produces for some major label bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet for my Valentine, Korn and My Chemical Romance. You might even know someone that has his art work tattooed on their arm. Recently Munk One has just released a print of the living dead available for purchase at his website.


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Subcarism Tokyo

So i just got news from my japan peepz about this past event called “Subcarism Tokyo”. It includes different pieces from various very very talented artists. I was able to find a couple that were presented at the show, and i have to tell you they are amazing. Tokyo never fails to impress us check it out for yourself. -Chris B.






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Disney X Mindstyle Exhibition, inc. Toys

Believe it or not but this is fairly big news. Disney is having a big exhibition called “Stitch Experiment 626 project”. It features the Stitch character from Lilo & Stitch  in different colors and shapes. Created by the Mindstyle family you know this is going to be a crazy one.  Pictures are rare to find on this event but I was lucky enough to find a decent shot!-Chris B.


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Spotlight: Skwak Sneakers and Shirts.

So as usual I get word from a source about this new clothing and art company. This time we have discovered skwak. I decided to check  them out and to my surprise it turns out to be a interesting way of creating sneakers. Instead of color ways and shapes, its figures and art on your sneakers! Because of its creativity I decided to put it on the spotlight of the day. Check out the whole collection on their website.  More news after the Jump!-Chris B.


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