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Kid Robot Fall Release

Kid robot has just decided to take a different look for their fall collection.  The designs are not as cartoonish and not as busy as some of their other collections. I’ve got to admit it is a clean look, especially the jacket!  Check out their lookbook to view all their looks.




–Chris B.


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Bunny sees Boobs

blog35So Mindstyle just released a very interesting toy that might turn heads  just by the title.  The most interesting part is that the toy is an actual bunny looking at a pair of breasts.  Only 200 made world wide this is a definite collector’s edition so check it out. -Chris B.

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Master mind Japan X Bamford Watch Department

So this is some news  that has the internet going crazy. Master mind Japan and Bamford have teamed up and created a very exclusive watch. It couldn’t get any better right? Well guess what:  it’s made on a black rolex. Sadly this is the only picture availbe for now. More news after the Jump!


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Didn’t see these ones coming.  I’m not feeling all the colorways, but the shoe is the business!  Available at multiple retailers for $60-$80.

Ipath Burnquist

Ipath Burnquist


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Kidrobot summer

I just got word from the peepz at Kid Robot that some brand new stuff just got released.  Their new collection of t-shirts for Summer looks really colorful and mature.  The one that caught my eye the most was the Sgt. Robot T-shirt inspired by the rare toy they had released. The other one was the labit pride new york t-shirt and toys. Another different point of view is  the Pure Trance toys created by Junko Mizuno, a collection of demented figurines..awesome.  Available  on their website.-Chris B.





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eS Hi-Lo

I’ve always been a huge fan of eS for their stylish sneakers and great prices.  They have some great designs available that can be surprisingly difficult to find.

A new model they have released is the Hi-Lo, which, to my knowledge, is a first in retail sneakers.  It’s a convertable sneaker — it can be either a high-top or a low-top.  Basically, it’s a low-top shoe by design, but you can make it into a high-top by attaching a puffed collar using the built-in clasps on the collar of the base sneaker.

They’re also pretty attractive.  They feature a vulcanized sole for durability and a clip-strap around the collar, which looks to be influenced by the Nike Vandal. They come in a variety of colorways and materials, and are priced at around $70, depending on the retailer.

eS Hi-Lo Brown/Blue Colorway, Fall '09 collection.

eS Hi-Lo Brown/Blue Colorway, Fall '09 collection.

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Buff Monster:Miao aka Mousubi

Buff Monster is an artist from Hawaii that i have just heard about, but has been around for a while delivering some very cool products.  His art is influenced by the color pink and Japanese culture. His recent design is called the Miao. Not available for sale but you can still pre order a copy before it is completely sold out. Only 250 made with the black and pink color way and only 100 for the green. It’s very original and different and at Dope Feast we can always welcome that. Get more info on the artist and all his work on his website.-Chris B.




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