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Corner&Yards X Dominic Marco

Corner&Yards just released an exclusive preview of there next season  2 T-shirt colab with Dominic Marco. Make sure to stop by there website to get more info at!

season2 preview


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Kid Robot Fall Release

Kid robot has just decided to take a different look for their fall collection.  The designs are not as cartoonish and not as busy as some of their other collections. I’ve got to admit it is a clean look, especially the jacket!  Check out their lookbook to view all their looks.




–Chris B.

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Bunny sees Boobs

blog35So Mindstyle just released a very interesting toy that might turn heads  just by the title.  The most interesting part is that the toy is an actual bunny looking at a pair of breasts.  Only 200 made world wide this is a definite collector’s edition so check it out. -Chris B.

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Master mind Japan X Bamford Watch Department

So this is some news  that has the internet going crazy. Master mind Japan and Bamford have teamed up and created a very exclusive watch. It couldn’t get any better right? Well guess what:  it’s made on a black rolex. Sadly this is the only picture availbe for now. More news after the Jump!


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