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Smell Yo Dick

There are no words.


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Throwback vid: 2 live crew’s “Me so horny”

This is the song and the video that set the stage for what we now see in music, television, and movies.  For better or for worse, 2 live crew’s overt sexual themes and imagery are the reason we have video vixens and girls gone wild commercials on our TV screens today.

Thank you, 2 live crew.

And now, cue the music:

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Geisha: Shit’n on you hoe

I don’t know what it is about Florida, but it seems like all of the dirtiest songs come out of that state.  2 live crew set the fire in the late 80’s, and now we have yet another song to fuel it.  Enjoy.

–Adam C.

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Dope Track: Chords’ “Knocking at my Door”

I heard this track the other day, and even though it’s a few years old, it’s definitely worth posting.  The lyrics are relatable, and it’s hard to believe this is made by a Swedish rapper considering he sounds so American.  Damn catchy, too.

–Adam C.

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Special edition of Crack(head): Whips

You know you’ve made it to the big leagues when your whip looks like this:

Somewhere, Jacob the Jeweler is laughing.

–Adam C.

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New Wale

This one’s a heartfelt one straight from the DMV’s favorite.  Check it out!

–Chris B.

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Why you should always wear a belt

Because if the police frisk you, there might be problems.  Case in point:

–Adam C.

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